Photo Gallery

Here's some excitement from previous BugFests.

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Alberti Flea Circus

The crowd gathers for Alberti Flea CircusMr. Alberti and his Flea Circus

Alberti Flea Circus with 2 young volunteersAlberti Flea Circus

Sandy Feat

Kids playing at the Sandy Feat displayThe ever-popular Sandy Feat display

Activities & Displays

Kid looking through magnifyerMaking bug hats with the kids

Looking at the spider displayWhat kind of bug is that?

Critter Cook-off

Chef from Zely & RitzSteve Daniels and kids sample the goods

buggy appetizersdessert

Debra Morgan exclaims at the ant bruleeWinner - Zely & Ritz

Other Exciting BugFest Moments

Pavement artist draws a grasshopperRoachingham 500 roach races

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